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Bedside to bedside patient transportation

Domestic and international air ambulance services

Access to ground ambulances

Neonatal transportation

ALS Transportation (Advanced Life Support) and ACLS transportation (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)




We Offer

Transportation: responsible for all ground and air transportation including medical staff.

Communication: we will contact family members, doctors, insurance companies and/or necessary parties to facilitate the transportation process and provide a sucessful and efficient solution.

Coordination: remain in contact with all providers and medical facilities to guarantee a smooth and comfortable bedside to bedside transport.

 Trained to be the best

At Aero Ambulancia we believe that when it comes to a patient, a margin for error is not a choice. We work hard to guarantee our medical staff is qualified ready for any situation that might occur during the transportation process.

All Aero Ambulancia flights are made with an on board medical crew spescializing in emergency and trauma care. All medical staff are trained to complete the following types of transports:

BLS (Basic Life Support)- ALS (Advanced Life Support)- ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) -ITLS (International Trauma Life Support)



Nuestro Mundo

We will always be with you


As soon as we receive your urgent call, our dispatch agents will guide you through the transportation process and begin assisting you urgent needs. 


Our dispatch agent will then coordinate every detail to facilitate smooth bed-to-bed transportation.


The transportation crew, is always ready with an emergency doctor and specialized trauma nurse, who will accompany you during the entire duration of your transport.

We are here to help you

Our dispatch agents are trained to evaluate different situations and the complexities of any condition a patient may experience. This allows us to provide a solution adapted specifically to the patien needs. Our team is always ready for your call.

We listen to the patient and evaluate his/her needs. 


  We will the explain the step by step air ambulance transportation process.


We are ready to respond to any questions or doubts you might have.