Aeroambulancia arrived almost immediately where my accident took place, otherwise I wouldn't be talking about this. I got 4 ribs broken one of them pierced my lung, I couldn't breath because of that. My situation didn't got worst due to the way the crew transport me, that really tells a lot about the excellent job that the Aeroambulancia crew performs.

Jerica Rodriguez, Santo Domingo, R.D.


I had a very serious accident. When I came out of the car and got myself together, the first thing that came up to my head was to call Aeroambulancia. I saw the  sticker I recieved when in my affiliation kit in the broken glass of my vehicle, then I call Aeroambulancia. In that moment, I realized the importance of having this kind of service. I really felt saver. I felt supported. 

Jose del Castillo, Santo Domingo, R.D.


An Aeroambulancia helicopter took me to Cedimat. And everything that happened helped me realize and understand the importance of Aeroambulancia, what it represents in the country, that can save lives, including mine. Counting with the Aeroambulancia affiliation, can mean your life.

Monica Castillo, Santo Domingo, R.D.



Aeroambulancia staff was quick. Inside the helicopter I recieved  first aids, I was transferred to Plaza de la Salud, thanks to them I am here today. I thank the complete Aeroambulancia crew for the fast response and be there when you need it.

Emperatriz Rodriguez, Santo Domingo, R.D.